May Spotlight: Fandoms, Music, & Lifestyle

Since final exams and PATs are fast approaching, I should be studying hard.  Ha.  Studying, what a strange and unfamiliar concept!  Instead, I have been spending my days procrastinating, soaking up internet culture, music, and books.  And here are the fruits of my labour.  Following is a collection of some great things that I have seen/read/listened to in the… Continue reading May Spotlight: Fandoms, Music, & Lifestyle

Save The Bees!

Normally, I don't like bees.  They've got tiny twitchy legs, wriggly bodies, and soulless black eyes- plus a reputation for stinging people!  But no matter how much I dislike bees, the undeniable truth is that we need them. The Facts In North America, approximately 30% of the food we eat is produced from bee-pollinated plants.… Continue reading Save The Bees!

Online Fandom Artists

Fandom Artist: somebody who is artistically inspired by, and therefore creates, art for a fandom.  Or as Misha Collins once put it: "Using the (fandom) as a canvas." Today's spotlight is on Tumblr fan artists for fandoms that I am in.  If you'd like a more expansive, fandom-inclusive selection of art, I highly suggest this Buzzfeed article.… Continue reading Online Fandom Artists