5 Little Tips on How to Be Happy

The pursuit of happiness is one of mankind's greatest quests and confounders.  When asked what their purpose in life is, many will reply with: "To be happy".  A simple concept, but there are many contributing factors that can either elevate or weigh down your level of happiness.  Success in school or in your career, relationships… Continue reading 5 Little Tips on How to Be Happy

Not Supposed to Be

For Christina Grimmie   There's a story on the news. A young woman, a singer, her career just taking off, Shot and killed after her own concert. Dead, at twenty-two. I looked her up online, Curiosity burning through shock. Her most recent tweet- her last tweet- A mere few hours ago, Was a video of her,… Continue reading Not Supposed to Be

Short Story: A Very Nice Elderly Couple

       A lumpy pile of soft pink yarn sat at Mrs. Brown’s feet as she clacked away with a pair of knitting needles.  Awaiting a coat of buttercream frosting, a carrot cake cooled on the kitchen counter.      The front door opened.  “Honey, I’m home,” called Mr. Brown.        Mr.… Continue reading Short Story: A Very Nice Elderly Couple