How to Cure Writer’s Block

Right off the bat, I am going to completely contradict the title and purpose of this entire blog by saying: writer's block does not exist. It's not a legitimate condition.  When I was researching the nature of writer's block, many quotes surfaced that agreed with my opinion.  Here is one of them: Apart from a… Continue reading How to Cure Writer’s Block

Hello Summer, Goodbye Productivity!

Summer is well and truly upon us!  The hot season brings with it promises of relaxing vacations, drinks by the pool, sunbathing, hanging out with friends- and loss of productivity.  Like a lot of things in life, summer is good in concept but less than ideal in execution.  The luxury of a blank, endless summer… Continue reading Hello Summer, Goodbye Productivity!

June Spotlight 2016

A theorized reason for why the years seem to be speeding up as we get older is that the ratio of our lives to the years is getting larger.  One year feels like a long time to, say, a five-year-old, because they've only been alive for five years in total.  In comparison, I'm fourteen, which… Continue reading June Spotlight 2016