August Spotlight 2016

August is drawing to a close, taking with it the last precious days of summer.  Although I was complaining about the lack of productivity, late August is when I start getting settled into the lax routine of doing next to nothing all day.  And it's just *great* timing, because just when I start enjoying myself,… Continue reading August Spotlight 2016

How to Be More Likable: Tips for Body Language

via Daily Prompt: Obvious It pays to be likable.  In situations such as interviews, group projects, and meetings, it's a good idea to do everything in your power to have other people see you in a positive light.  Apart from the obvious things like having a cheerful tone of voice and being polite, you can… Continue reading How to Be More Likable: Tips for Body Language

Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

via Daily Prompt: Fifty Try new things and leave your comfort zone Let go of your grudges Donate your spare change Listen to your gut instincts Give genuine compliments to people around you frequently Have a night dedicated entirely to making yourself feel good (PJs, a movie, a bath, the whole shebang) Donate or throw… Continue reading Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

Chinese Eyes: A Rant

via Daily Prompt: Eyes My story starts with a makeup tutorial on Youtube. A doll-faced girl on the screen gingerly dabs at her face with an assortment of brushes and powders.  She smiles alluringly at me, holds up an eyeshadow palette, and proceeds to demonstrate which colour goes where.  A nude base for the lid,… Continue reading Chinese Eyes: A Rant

What Comes Alive at Night

via Daily Prompt: Moon Uniform inky black broken up by Delicate misted clouds, and a Quivering, luminous blue moon. A maze of glossy sidewalk in the dark, Winding, intertwining, Surrounding smooth towers that jut against the sky. They loom above, Brightly flashing Shining windows clashing, casting Neon shadows over our wild and joyous faces As… Continue reading What Comes Alive at Night

The Hospital on Top of the Cemetery

via Daily Prompt: Ghost Brightness sears my corneas.  I stand before a tower, staring at its modern grandeur; all strict straight lines, artful white space, and precisely measured and cut facets that beam light into my eyes.  Although the building is tall, my vision is good enough to see all the way to the top,… Continue reading The Hospital on Top of the Cemetery

4 YA Authors to Read (Spoiler-Free)

Mood of the week: tired.  After going to my first ever interview last Monday (which went alright, but I didn't get the job because youth employment laws don't allow me to work the hours the employer needed), and teaching creative writing to a class of nine rowdy eight-year-olds (one word: LOUD), I'm pooped.  To recuperate,… Continue reading 4 YA Authors to Read (Spoiler-Free)

July Spotlight 2016

July draws to a close, as does the first half of Summer 2016.  Today's Spotlight is probably the longest one so far, since I've had day after day after long, boring day to do nothing except browse the internet in search of entertainment.  This month, I've learned that I might not be a Hufflepuff after… Continue reading July Spotlight 2016