What Comes Alive at Night

via Daily Prompt: Moon

Uniform inky black broken up by

Delicate misted clouds, and a

Quivering, luminous blue moon.

A maze of glossy sidewalk in the dark,

Winding, intertwining,

Surrounding smooth towers that jut against the sky.

They loom above,

Brightly flashing

Shining windows clashing, casting

Neon shadows over our wild and joyous faces

As we laugh for the city to hear-

A glowing metropolis of exhilaration, sound and sight.

Windows down and volume up,

Bass vibrating in the marrow of our bones.

Fighting to live a little louder, a little braver,

Less fragile promises of tomorrow,

More vivacious glowing eyes of tonight,

Of now.

Swerving cars and broken street lights

Are the golden gates to our exuberance;

Escape from the earthly worries of day.

No need to be careful when the moon‘s out to play.

We’re coursing, blood pumping,

With the heady rhythm of being alive.

The streets don’t sleep at night;

The moon doesn’t dull its light;

It brings us back to life.

Hey there,

These daily prompts are quite fun, so I think I’ll continue with them.  Yesterday’s prompt was ‘ghost’, and here’s the piece I did: The Hospital on Top of the Cemetery.

I used to abhor the idea of writing while listening to music, but I’ve discovered that it can be extremely useful and inspirational.  Usually, I don’t listen to songs with lyrics while writing, but while I’m thinking and trying to get a sense of what mental picture I want to paint.  Today’s playlist that helped shape this poem:

Midnight City – M83

Body Gold (Louis the Child Remix) – Oh Wonder

Heart Out – The 1975

No Light, No Light – Florence + The Machine

Cosmic Love – Florence + The Machine

Thank you so much for reading!

-Yi Nuo

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