How to Be More Likable: Tips for Body Language

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It pays to be likable.  In situations such as interviews, group projects, and meetings, it’s a good idea to do everything in your power to have other people see you in a positive light.  Apart from the obvious things like having a cheerful tone of voice and being polite, you can also utilize body language.

Read on for some tips on how to be more likable with your body language!


Have Good PostureImage result for posture

Maintaining straight posture with relaxed shoulders and some tension in your core will make you appear- and feel- more confident.  When standing, make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and that your weight is evenly distributed.  When sitting, straighten up as well.  The key to posture is to draw yourself up while staying relaxed.

The Three-step Handshake: Shake, Eye contact, and Smilegreeting-1296493_640

The handshake itself should be firm but gentle, and you should only use one hand if you don’t know the person well.  Equally important to the shake is eye contact, which should last for at least 3 seconds.  If it’s hard for you to look directly into someone’s eyes for 3 seconds, a helpful tip is to look at an area close to their eyes, such as between the eyebrows, instead.  Finally, remember to smile!  It will boost your own confidence and simultaneous make the other person feel more comfortable.

The Battle Stance


Ok, it’s not actually a battle stance.  A conversation’s not nearly as hard as physical combat, so don’t position your body hostilely.  The angle at which someone positions themself in a conversation is a good indicator of how they’re feeling.  If their body and feet are angled away from you, they want the conversation to end.  Be aware of your body language during a conversation by angling yourself towards the other person.  Do not lean on walls or other objects, as this can make you seem insecure.  Furthermore, keep your arms uncrossed.  If you really can’t figure out what to do with your hands, hold them together behind your back.


Image result for mirroring people 

This technique is extremely useful when done well, but creepy if it becomes too obvious.  Basically, you have to mirror what the other person in the conversation is doing, in a subtle way.  If they cross one leg over another, you should follow suit.  If they’re holding a drink, it’s in your favour to also have one in your hand.  If they smile, you smile back, and so on and so forth.  This makes the other person feel subconsciously more comfortable around you, and will keep you from standing rigidly like a statue.



Lastly, If You Don’t Take Anything Else Away from this Article… 


Just remember to make eye contact and smile.  Those are the two things that, when done properly (i.e. no prolonged staring or fake smiles), are guaranteed to give people a positive impression!  Now go out there and make yourself more likable!



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