How to Feel Better on a Bad Day

When Everything is Going Wrong

Maybe someone is pissing you off, maybe something important went wrong, maybe it’s just simply one of those days when life is hurling obstacle after obstacle after you.  It’s a good idea to face problems and challenges openly and head on, but everybody has to take a day off sometimes.  A day for ourselves, to be at peace in our own company and to relax in solitude.  It’s perfectly okay to have those days; you’re entitled to one every once in a while, because life is tough.  And occasionally sucky.  You deserve a break!

source: Buzzfeed


For some tips and ideas on what to do when doing anything seems like an impossible and painful test of your strength, read on!

  1. Change into comfy clothes.  Trust me, it will make a world of difference when you’re wearing your snuggliest bathrobe and softest sweatpants.  While you’re at it, take off your socks too.  Fluffy slippers never hurt anyone.
  2. Make sure you’re alone.  We’re more likely to lash out at other people when we’re feeling down, and that is definitely something to avoid.  Find a place, be it at home or in public, where you can be alone to think and recuperate.
  3. Distract yourself. If there is no positive action you can take to better your situation, find things to do that will take your mind off of the problem.  Indulge in some TV, read a book, or do any hobby that you have.  Play an instrument, create art, or write to channel your negative energy into something productive!
  4. Spoil yourself.  Take a bath or shower, listen to music, put on a movie, do some yoga or meditation, cook and eat some good food (not junk food!), let in some fresh air, and turn off the lights.  Take a deep breath, and spend some times taking care of yourself.
  5. Cut yourself some slack.  Don’t berate yourself for things that go wrong.  Recognize that you’re just a person, and you’re allowed to have ups and downs.  Realize that this, too, shall pass, and that there are better times ahead.  Trust in time; it will be okay!
  6. Try some of these foods to eat to boost your mood: salmon, tuna, dark chocolate, oats, bananas, spinach, asparagus.  Stay away from over-processed food and caffeine, as these may cause you to fluctuate in mood (think sugar high and the following crash- we’ve all been there!).
  7. Read some inspirational quotes.  You might be wary to try this one, since it seems so simple and unscientific, but hearing motivational words that came from the mouths of famous, successful people may be just what you need.  They will help give you a little perspective, as well as direction for getting over your blues.
  8. Clean your living space.  Sometimes what we need for a fresh start is a clean environment.  Do your laundry, throw away the useless junk that’s been sitting around for ages, rearrange your furniture, make your bed, and light some candles.  Be present in your surroundings.
  9. Think about how you’re feeling in a different way:
source: Tumblr
source: Tumblr

Finally, don’t be afraid to step back and take some time for yourself.  Your health, both mental and physical, are the most important.  A day spent caring for your own well-being is not a day wasted!



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