A Lazy Person’s Guide to Living Healthy(ish)

Life of a Lazy Person   Hey there.  Welcome to the blog.  My name's Yi Nuo, and I'd like you to know one thing about me: I'm really, really lazy. I would rather stay at home on my laptop for hours that be outside hiking or running.  I have little enthusiasm for sports.  I love… Continue reading A Lazy Person’s Guide to Living Healthy(ish)

October Spotlight 2016

It's November 6th, no longer October, but I simply cannot miss out on a month of Spotlight!  It would be like pouring cereal before milk (yes, I pour milk first, persecute me), or like singing Christmas carols in July- simply atrocious!  Unfortunately, I have procrastinated all of October away, so here I am writing this… Continue reading October Spotlight 2016