Letter to My Past Self: Friendships

My friends and I used to play 'Teenagers' when we were younger.  The teenagers of our fantasies had the coolest cell phones and clothes, wore tons of makeup, hung out at the mall all the time, and sashayed everywhere they went.  I was completely in awe of older kids, to tell the truth, and the… Continue reading Letter to My Past Self: Friendships

December Spotlight 2016

The Final Countdown... Guess who got her learner's permit today?  This gal!  I believe it's only customary to say, "The roads just got a little more dangerous."- though the only roads I'll be driving down are wide, safe, empty ones, since I don't actually desire to commit vehicular manslaughter.  Other than that little bit of… Continue reading December Spotlight 2016

Deep Sea Diving: A Poem

Deep Sea Diving I will take the journey to the dangerous depths To see all the deep sea has to offer. I will breathe borrowed oxygen And watch colours flash before my eyes in the blackness. Maybe this time I will learn something, Hear the whispers of the troubled creatures in the dark. This is… Continue reading Deep Sea Diving: A Poem

November Spotlight 2016

The Final Month Hi there!  Happy December!  As we approach this final month of 2016, I'd like to take some time to reflect.  2016 has been a notoriously horrible (*cough* US election *cough*), but I think it's still important to realize the good things about this year.  Because, after everything, we've made it!  We've all… Continue reading November Spotlight 2016