A Song That You Won’t Regret Listening To

Please, even if you're not a big music fan, do yourself a favour and listen to the track below. Music has been called the universal language of earth, a medium through which people all around the world can communicate meanings too great for words.  Arrival of the Birds by the Cinematic Orchestra, in my opinion, is… Continue reading A Song That You Won’t Regret Listening To

The Story of Grandpappy Mason: The Bloopers Reel of the Glassworks JA Company

Meet Grandpappy Mason. John Landis Mason was a tinsmith who lived in the late 1800’s, and he was the inventor of the mason jar.  His invention marked the roots of one of the most prominent aspects of modern hipster culture.   Today, mason jars are utilized by hipsters everywhere for things such as holding their… Continue reading The Story of Grandpappy Mason: The Bloopers Reel of the Glassworks JA Company

The Darkest Hour (a Short Story)

The Darkest Hour Yi Nuo Cheng   October 12, 1929   Layers of intricate beadwork flashed as flapper skirts twirled.  Dozens of feet stomped on the linoleum floor, a heady rhythm of euphoria and merriment, and a shower of golden glitter rained down on the swaying bodies on the dance floor.  Margie had only a… Continue reading The Darkest Hour (a Short Story)

A Tiny Poem Excerpt that Speaks to Me on a Spiritual Level

“At first I did not fight it. I loved the suffering. It was being alive! I felt my heart pump the blood that splashed my insides with red flowers; I savored my grief like chilled wine.” — Alice Walker, from Her Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems 1965-1990; “At First”