Happy Birthday, Blog!

Happy birthday, CTHARSIS! Today marks the one year anniversary of ctharsis.wordpress.com, a domain that may be humble and small, but is still a home to me.  Happy birthday, blog!  Wow! Can you believe it's been one year?  One year full of changing and growing and learning, remembering and thinking and writing.  That sure was flippin'… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Blog!

Edmonton Band Trip 2017

Last Sunday night, two coach busses full of exhausted teenagers pulled up into the parking lot of our school.  Having left at 6 AM the previous Friday, our bands (both concert and symphonic) had returned from Edmonton.  We were absolutely pooped and dreading having to go to school the next day; the weekend had been… Continue reading Edmonton Band Trip 2017

Slam Poetry Tournament Prep!

Recently, I tried out for my school's slam poetry team.  I hadn't even known that our school had a slam poetry team until the very last day of tryouts, so you can imagine that I was a little bit frantic.  At lunch, I ran to the room that someone had told me the tryouts were being held… Continue reading Slam Poetry Tournament Prep!

The Art of Regret

Last fall, I quit drawing lessons after seven long years of taking them. I had first started to love drawing and art when I was very young, and though the scribbles done by my six-year-old self certainly were no Van Goghs or Picassos, I loved creating them so much that I asked to be put… Continue reading The Art of Regret

February Music Spotlight 2017

Where's My Love - SYML - Hurt For Me (2016)  There's nothing better than discovering a new artist and falling completely, utterly in love with them.  How had I never discovered SYML before??  Their sound is so peaceful and ethereal, haunting and striking, and just wooooow. I love this song of theirs more than words can… Continue reading February Music Spotlight 2017