Why a Slam Poem Called “Here” Reminds Me of Chinese New Year

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hKWKw4G3M4 "I am a stranger. And if you're not supposed to speak to strangers, and I only speak to when spoken to it's no wonder why getting up in front of a mic feels a lot like breaking through my mother's silence." -Here by Aman Batra A Poem That Says Everything I was Trying To… Continue reading Why a Slam Poem Called “Here” Reminds Me of Chinese New Year

Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write Your Novel

Writer's block!  O joy.  All writers get it at one point or another (unless maybe if you're Stephen King).  And boy, does it suck. It's incredibly easy to fall off the horse, especially since we exist in a world so full of readily available distractions.  Not sure how to finish that sentence?  How about you… Continue reading Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write Your Novel

The Ugly Truth Behind Your Clothes

You're out shopping and see a cute shirt at your favourite fast-fashion store.  When you check the price tag, you are happy to discover that it's super inexpensive, and without a second thought, you put the shirt in your shopping bag.  As you're checking out, you get a glimpse of a tag that says 'Made… Continue reading The Ugly Truth Behind Your Clothes

April Music Spotlight 2017

Breaking News: It Actually Feels a Bit Like Spring?? Welcome to the lovely month of May everyone, the fine line between winter and summer that we tread like a tightrope, praying that our steps are light enough as to not re-awaken the ghosts of winter.  Spring officially started last month, but it hasn't really felt like… Continue reading April Music Spotlight 2017