April Music Spotlight 2017

Breaking News: It Actually Feels a Bit Like Spring??

Welcome to the lovely month of May everyone, the fine line between winter and summer that we tread like a tightrope, praying that our steps are light enough as to not re-awaken the ghosts of winter.  Spring officially started last month, but it hasn’t really felt like it until now.  This morning, I woke up and it was actually bright outside!  The sun was beaming, the birds were chirping, not a spot of snow was visible on the roads… and I was in a murderous mood because it’s Monday and that means back to reality after the weekend.

Sigh.  One of these days, I’ll learn to like Mondays.  Probably.

Speaking of likeable, get an earful of these tracks from April.  Music has been a great source of de-stressing for me in these very busy past couple of weeks; there’s nothing that feels quite as good as settling down after a long day with your favourite songs. I had a lot of fun staying up until 12 in the morning browsing through Spotify to find new music to devour, and I hope you have just as much fun listening to it. As always, Youtube links are provided!

April 2017 Music Recs

Heavy – Birdtalker – Just This EP (2016)

Don’t we just all want to be together? is a question raised in this song by Birdtalker, and I think they do a pretty good job of answering it.  Despite its name, Heavy has a light, warm tone to it.  The vocals and guitar are mellow and will remind you of a spring day, while the lyrics remind you to put away your sorrows and worries.

Lemons – Woodlock – Lemons EP (2013)

“‘Cause Little Missy Misery set foot in the ocean

But never the sea”

-the line that singlehandedly won me over

Here’s a charming little song to get you in the right mood on the mornings you wake up on the wrong side of bed (AKA me this morning).  Bright, sunny, and tasting of sweet lemonade is what this song would be in any other medium other than music.  It’s refreshing and light, just the right tune to get you excited for warmer days and summer memory making!

Thirteen Sad Farewells – Stu Larsen – Vagabond (2014)

April had a sort of rocky start.  Some truths that I had previously held as unequivocal toppled, and I realized things about myself and people around me that I’d never been able to see before.  The night that the full brunt of all this change hit the hardest, I stumbled upon this song.  It’s the type of song that reminds you that tough times are inevitable, that we are all just apprentices of the hardships of life, but that it’s okay. We’ll be okay.  Farewells are bound to happen.  Sometimes, all we can do is plug in some music and let the feeling run its course.

Feel Something – Jaymes Young – Feel Something (2017)

Wow.  I was impressed upon first listen, but then it got better with every revisit.  I’ve replayed it at least twice a day for the past weeks, and still, somehow, haven’t gotten sick of it.  What better sign of a good song is there than that?  Catchy, quality lyrics, great vocals and undeniable beat- Feel Something has pretty much got it all.  Definitely not one to miss.

Bruises – Lewis Capaldi – (2017)

Powerful, bare vocals stripped of excess instrumentation.  Only piano accompanies Lewis Capaldi’s voice, and honestly, it’s enough.  Catchy enough to be a pop song, yet resonating with a different kind of sound that makes it more unique.

Got Any Recs For Me?

What’s been on your playlist for April?  I’d love to expand my musical vernacular, so let me know!

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