lemonade stand (a poem)

  look at you, your bones are hollowing out skin crumpling like wet cardboard sallow yellow veins stale running on evaporated waste                                                    where is the zest        … Continue reading lemonade stand (a poem)

autumn: a poem for Qiu Jin, Chinese poet, feminist, revolutionary, & martyr

sister, she wrote they are coming for you run hide save yourself. but I was not going to flee to do that would be to scatter the leaves of the trees whose seeds I have sown this school these girls fierce and strong flowers but not yet in bloom a field of two hundred million… Continue reading autumn: a poem for Qiu Jin, Chinese poet, feminist, revolutionary, & martyr

Blade Dancer (a poem)

don’t tell her what to think don’t tell her how to move. put your hands on me here, and put your mind elsewhere no- No! paper girls crumble at the touch, but ashes cannot be burned, and she she has been forged in a fire more devastating than your small ways can fathom. She has… Continue reading Blade Dancer (a poem)

The Story of Grandpappy Mason: The Bloopers Reel of the Glassworks JA Company

Meet Grandpappy Mason. John Landis Mason was a tinsmith who lived in the late 1800’s, and he was the inventor of the mason jar.  His invention marked the roots of one of the most prominent aspects of modern hipster culture.   Today, mason jars are utilized by hipsters everywhere for things such as holding their… Continue reading The Story of Grandpappy Mason: The Bloopers Reel of the Glassworks JA Company

The Darkest Hour (a Short Story)

The Darkest Hour Yi Nuo Cheng   October 12, 1929   Layers of intricate beadwork flashed as flapper skirts twirled.  Dozens of feet stomped on the linoleum floor, a heady rhythm of euphoria and merriment, and a shower of golden glitter rained down on the swaying bodies on the dance floor.  Margie had only a… Continue reading The Darkest Hour (a Short Story)

A Tiny Poem Excerpt that Speaks to Me on a Spiritual Level

“At first I did not fight it. I loved the suffering. It was being alive! I felt my heart pump the blood that splashed my insides with red flowers; I savored my grief like chilled wine.” — Alice Walker, from Her Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems 1965-1990; “At First”

Deep Sea Diving: A Poem

Deep Sea Diving I will take the journey to the dangerous depths To see all the deep sea has to offer. I will breathe borrowed oxygen And watch colours flash before my eyes in the blackness. Maybe this time I will learn something, Hear the whispers of the troubled creatures in the dark. This is… Continue reading Deep Sea Diving: A Poem

What Comes Alive at Night

via Daily Prompt: Moon Uniform inky black broken up by Delicate misted clouds, and a Quivering, luminous blue moon. A maze of glossy sidewalk in the dark, Winding, intertwining, Surrounding smooth towers that jut against the sky. They loom above, Brightly flashing Shining windows clashing, casting Neon shadows over our wild and joyous faces As… Continue reading What Comes Alive at Night

The Hospital on Top of the Cemetery

via Daily Prompt: Ghost Brightness sears my corneas.  I stand before a tower, staring at its modern grandeur; all strict straight lines, artful white space, and precisely measured and cut facets that beam light into my eyes.  Although the building is tall, my vision is good enough to see all the way to the top,… Continue reading The Hospital on Top of the Cemetery

Not Supposed to Be

For Christina Grimmie   There's a story on the news. A young woman, a singer, her career just taking off, Shot and killed after her own concert. Dead, at twenty-two. I looked her up online, Curiosity burning through shock. Her most recent tweet- her last tweet- A mere few hours ago, Was a video of her,… Continue reading Not Supposed to Be