5 Easy Tips to Beat Burnout & Stress

Do you experience exhaustion, hopelessness, or irritation on a regular basis? Do you regularly find yourself wanting to murder everyone around you at school/work? Do you have the overwhelming urge to just sleep for eternity? If so, you might be a victim of burnout and/or chronic stress. Stressed? Me? Never! As much as we all… Continue reading 5 Easy Tips to Beat Burnout & Stress

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Every teenager’s favourite question is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  And by favourite, I mean absolute least favourite.  For many adolescents- including me, groan- this headache-inducing questions remains unanswered.  In a world where there are countless of different paths to take, it is virtually impossible to decide which ones to… Continue reading What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write Your Novel

Writer's block!  O joy.  All writers get it at one point or another (unless maybe if you're Stephen King).  And boy, does it suck. It's incredibly easy to fall off the horse, especially since we exist in a world so full of readily available distractions.  Not sure how to finish that sentence?  How about you… Continue reading Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write Your Novel

Letter to My Past Self: Friendships

My friends and I used to play 'Teenagers' when we were younger.  The teenagers of our fantasies had the coolest cell phones and clothes, wore tons of makeup, hung out at the mall all the time, and sashayed everywhere they went.  I was completely in awe of older kids, to tell the truth, and the… Continue reading Letter to My Past Self: Friendships

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Living Healthy(ish)

Life of a Lazy Person   Hey there.  Welcome to the blog.  My name's Yi Nuo, and I'd like you to know one thing about me: I'm really, really lazy. I would rather stay at home on my laptop for hours that be outside hiking or running.  I have little enthusiasm for sports.  I love… Continue reading A Lazy Person’s Guide to Living Healthy(ish)

What I Wish I’d Been Told About Growing Up

Growing up.  Hoo boy.  Welcome to the age of having to make decisions that will affect the rest of your life, tons o' homework, balancing social life, and most of all, finding yourself.  Discovering your true passions and inner truths, learning to be independent, confident, and happy with who you are.  Growing into your own… Continue reading What I Wish I’d Been Told About Growing Up

How to Feel Better on a Bad Day

When Everything is Going Wrong Maybe someone is pissing you off, maybe something important went wrong, maybe it's just simply one of those days when life is hurling obstacle after obstacle after you.  It's a good idea to face problems and challenges openly and head on, but everybody has to take a day off sometimes.… Continue reading How to Feel Better on a Bad Day

How to Be More Likable: Tips for Body Language

via Daily Prompt: Obvious It pays to be likable.  In situations such as interviews, group projects, and meetings, it's a good idea to do everything in your power to have other people see you in a positive light.  Apart from the obvious things like having a cheerful tone of voice and being polite, you can… Continue reading How to Be More Likable: Tips for Body Language

Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

via Daily Prompt: Fifty Try new things and leave your comfort zone Let go of your grudges Donate your spare change Listen to your gut instincts Give genuine compliments to people around you frequently Have a night dedicated entirely to making yourself feel good (PJs, a movie, a bath, the whole shebang) Donate or throw… Continue reading Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

4 YA Authors to Read (Spoiler-Free)

Mood of the week: tired.  After going to my first ever interview last Monday (which went alright, but I didn't get the job because youth employment laws don't allow me to work the hours the employer needed), and teaching creative writing to a class of nine rowdy eight-year-olds (one word: LOUD), I'm pooped.  To recuperate,… Continue reading 4 YA Authors to Read (Spoiler-Free)