5 Easy Tips to Beat Burnout & Stress

Do you experience exhaustion, hopelessness, or irritation on a regular basis? Do you regularly find yourself wanting to murder everyone around you at school/work? Do you have the overwhelming urge to just sleep for eternity? If so, you might be a victim of burnout and/or chronic stress. Stressed? Me? Never! As much as we all… Continue reading 5 Easy Tips to Beat Burnout & Stress

Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

via Daily Prompt: Fifty Try new things and leave your comfort zone Let go of your grudges Donate your spare change Listen to your gut instincts Give genuine compliments to people around you frequently Have a night dedicated entirely to making yourself feel good (PJs, a movie, a bath, the whole shebang) Donate or throw… Continue reading Fifty Ways to Be a Better Person

5 Little Tips on How to Be Happy

The pursuit of happiness is one of mankind's greatest quests and confounders.  When asked what their purpose in life is, many will reply with: "To be happy".  A simple concept, but there are many contributing factors that can either elevate or weigh down your level of happiness.  Success in school or in your career, relationships… Continue reading 5 Little Tips on How to Be Happy